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WDW Half Marathon Cancellation

Well, as you probably heard the WDW 1/2 Marathon was cancelled in January.  I was supposed to run the half on my 21st birthday but the night before the race, we were carb loading at Il Mulino and received the email that the race had been cancelled due to possible lightning the next morning.  I completely understand why they decided not to risk having thousands of runners stand in a parking lot when there was a 90% chance of lightning forecasted for hours.   RunDisney did a great job of offering other options to compensate for the cancellation from a full Disney gift card reimbursement to transferring to another runDisney race.  I didn’t expect them to do this, but it was fantastic and truly Disney guest service that they did.

On the bright side though, I was then able to go to the bar at our resort and right after midnight (and right before closing) I was able to get a drink with one of my cousins (shout out).  My aunt and uncle ran the half on the 7th, as many other motivated runners did and were cheered on by other resort guests.

My friend, sister, and I went to Hollywood Studios for opening and I rode Rock’n’Roller Coaster as the first ride on my 21st birthday which was awesome.  It ended up being a very cold day so we left Studios, had lunch back at the resort and then went to Disney Springs for my birthday dinner with all my family members.

I will definitely run another runDisney race, but since I don’t know what I am doing after graduation in May yet, I didn’t want to register for any others!


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WDW 5K Part 2: 6am-8:30am

I last left off with my friend and I standing in the corrals at 5:38am.

6:00am: Corral A goes off with fireworks!  This year they started doing mini corrals and since I couldn’t hear the announcer too well all the way back in Corral E, I did not know when we would go.  A boy in the family next to us kept asking his parents when it would be time to run.  I felt the same way and the standing around was getting a little tiresome.  I also was getting hungry as I had only had a small breakfast but really should have eaten a whole bagel since we had so long to wait.

6:00am-6:42am: Corrals A through D and all of their many mini corrals start running.  We finally begin to move towards the starting line step by step.  The fireworks did not continue for each corral which I thought was odd.

6:45am: We are off!  After a few times where we thought we would be able to cross the start line and were stopped very close, we finally began the 5K.  img_3078

6:45am-7:25am: It took us just around 38 minutes to run the race.  I forgot to stop my watch so I don’t have a very accurate time.  We ran through Epcot, stopped at Norway for a bathroom break (much nicer than porta potties and empty!), took a few photos and videos, ran out of Epcot, ran backstage, then came back in Epcot and finished the race in the parking lot.

The race was SO much fun!  We didn’t have too much of a problem with the crowds but were zig zagging a bit.  Even though my friend was worried about running, she did a great job and I was the one who was getting a little sore by the end!  As we ran, we said how we were disappointed it was such a fast race and that we should’ve signed up for the 10K.  We did not stop for any characters because the lines were so long and we already had gotten our photo with Pluto earlier in the day.  I loved seeing the park wake up though and the support of the other runners is fantastic-from the Tooth Fairies (men sprinkling pixie dust on everyone) to a 90 year old woman running the race.  I highly recommend signing up for runDisney 5K’s but beware they are very short once you actually start running!  img_3080

7:25-8:30am: We received our medals, snack boxes, and water and then started walking to the buses.  I really struggled to carry all of my stuff as I always do and had taken off my jacket at this point as well.  The bus came fairly quickly and we did not have too long of a line.  We boarded the bus with all of the other sweaty runners and then were back at the resort in no time to relay our race tales to the rest of the family who were just waking up!

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WDW Half Marathon: 4 Things I Can’t Wait For (and 3 I am Dreading)

photo 4My study abroad semester has just about a month left which is crazy!  What is even crazier though is that my 21st birthday and 7th half marathon is just under two months away.

The Walt Disney World Half Marathon falls on January 7th this year, which is my birthday, and I am so excited.  As usual, I have been running a bit but could definitely be running more than I am.  I’m really looking forward to the race weekend as I’ll also be running the 5K and enjoying my time at Disney.

The 4 Things I Can’t Wait for are…

  1. Arriving in Disney and heading to the expo to pick up my race bibs.  The expo always has a bit of excitement in the air as runners walk around picking up their packets and perusing the different merchandise stalls.  I hope to get another medal to put on my Mickey Vinylmation and maybe look for another “I’m Training” shirt since I love the one I have but other than that, probably won’t buy anything.  Maybe a magnet for the car too.
  2. Anything after Mile 1 and even Mile 2 of the races.  I wouldn’t say I love running because that would be a stretch but I definitely like it a lot more than I used to.  However, the first mile or two are challenging.  After standing in the corrals, I am ready to run but then the crowds always make the start a little slow (not that I’m speedy by any means).
  3. Running or more like walking through Cinderella’s Castle.  During my first half marathon, which was at Disney, running through the Castle was SO neat.  Of course, the thoughts in my head were as follows “OMG I’m running through the Castle…Well actually I’m walking because there are so many people…Oh now people are screaming…I want to do that too…(screams)…That was fun…Oh yikes I’m not even halfway done with this and my legs are sore…Oh but this is so neat”
  4.  Wearing my medal around the parks and getting to congratulate other runners.  I won’t wear my medal for more than a day after probably although some people wear theirs the entire time they are in Disney.

3 Things I’m Dreading:

  1. The early wake up calls.  I have to get up early for the 5K and half but my sister and dad are running the 10K and I want to go cheer them on so we will see if I can wake up for that too.  I’m sleeping in on the 8th!
  2. The uncertainty of the weather.  One year it was 30 degrees supposedly and when I ran in 2013, it was perfect weather.  I’m worried the weather might be iffy or really hot or cold and I won’t know what to wear.
  3. Miles 8 and 9 of the half as those are usually the toughest for me.  Once I get to 10 then it’s just a 5K to go!

4 Things I Can’t Wait For plus 3 Things I’m Dreading makes for a total of 7!  And we are running on January 7th!  What is everyone looking forward to or not looking forward to about WDW Marathon Weekend?

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WDW Half Marathon Registration

is TOMORROW at noon Eastern for Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Members!   And then a week from tomorrow, registration opens for everyone at noon Eastern as well.  I’m crossing my fingers that registration goes well for all tomorrow as well as next week.  If I don’t get in tomorrow, I will be trying again next week!    photo 4

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Wine and Dine Half of a Half

Well if you follow runDisney on social media or anyone who was running the Wine and Dine half marathon on Saturday night, you know what I am talking about.  Unfortunately I was not there but I hope to run the Wine and Dine in the future.  Saturday night, thousands of runners were expecting to complete a half marathon in Walt Disney World and then end having food and wine around the food booths.  Well…the last part of the plan is true.

From what I have read and heard, the busses were a bit delayed getting to ESPN Wide World of Sports, where the race starts.  Lightning started and the forecast looked terrible with large thunderstorms so before race start, all runners and volunteers were evacuated from the starting corrals into the ESPN building and the stadium.  The race was delayed, but no word was given for a bit on what would happen.  After around 30-45 minutes I believe, they announced that it was safe (although still very hot and humid) and the race would begin at a delayed time with a shortened course (about 7.1 miles).  Then all the runners and volunteers moved back outside, the race started, and the runners were off.  Some runners expressed complaints about the shortened route but safety is Disney’s number one priority.  From what I have read, it seems Disney did a great job with ushering everyone inside and then outside and communicating for the most part about what was going on.

Last year, it rained during the Wine and Dine half and many of the medals fell apart.  Now all the runners have an awesome story to tell and hey they still had a much better night than most of us who were not at Walt Disney World!


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Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Registration Opened


Package registration opened a few days ago for the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon taking place in September 2016.  Has anyone signed up to go and run the race?  I am waiting to make a decision until at least January when they are supposedly selling just bibs instead of the whole hotel and park ticket package.   I also don’t find out for sure that I am going to England for study abroad until March so that’s another factor.


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Star Wars Run in Walt Disney World!

The biggest Disney news recently is that there is going to be a Star Wars runDisney weekend in April 2016 in Walt Disney World!  photo 21The Star Wars Disneyland run weekend has been a big hit and so many people are excited about the new race weekend in WDW.  The WDW Star Wars weekend is focused on the Dark Side…so expect to see many Darth Vader and Emperor costumes.  Usually, the half marathon courses go through Magic Kingdom and Epcot in Walt Disney World, but the runDisney website said yesterday that the Star Wars Half will go through Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. Since then, this information has been changed to a run through “the Walt Disney World Resort.”   So, if the three park info that was posted is true, it would be awesome because hopefully there will be less road running than usual and more park running.  But since the information was taken down/altered, I am not sure what to expect.  The weekend will have  a 5k on April 15th starting at 6am, a 10k on April 16th starting at 5:30am and the half on April 17th at 5am.  The WDW Half Marathons usually start at 5:30am so an earlier start also hints at that a third park might be involved or race coordinators might be concerned about the heat.  Disney has also added a challenge to the weekend combining the 10k and the half (The Star Wars Dark Side Challenge), as well as a challenge for those who complete the Star Wars runDisney weekends on both coasts.

Well I am planning on running the Walt Disney World half marathon on my 21st birthday so I am not sure about this Star Wars run weekend.  However, it is easy for me to take a flight to Florida from Washington DC and I could hypothetically miss a class or two in order to go for a run weekend in Disney plus I already have an Annual Pass….  The other thing is cost of course, but I haven’t looked into that too much yet.  Registration opens on September 22nd and it has not been announced if DVC/Annual Passholders will get to register ahead of time.  If that’s the case then I will have to decide very soon!  This race announcement is also timed well since I am on Movie #5 of the Star Wars movie series in watching them for the first time.  The last three days have been full of Star Wars at my house with the movies on.  So is anyone here thinking of running the Star Wars WDW weekend races?

When I last posted, I was heading off to a wedding.  The wedding on Saturday was fantastic!  The ceremony was very nice as was the reception and afterwards we all went back to the hotel and had a great time playing Bunko.  Here is a photo of the bride and groom and my grandma receiving a scrapbook that my aunt created and each member of the family added a page to.

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