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Fun Fact Friday #17


Disney Fun Fact: Casablanca is one of the very few films which is featured in the movie clip sequence that you watch while waiting for the Great Movie Ride AND has a scene in the ride.  The above photo is a photo of the huge movie screen in the waiting area.

My Fun Fact: I watched Casablanca a few years ago for the first time and am on a mission to watch all of the movies that are featured in the Great Movie Ride.  I still have many movies to watch!  I am not looking forward to watching Alien…

What’s your favorite part of the Great Movie Ride?  Have you seen all of the movies that are a part of the ride?



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Fun Fact Friday #16

photo 3Disney Fun Fact: You are able to have a Walt Disney World wedding reception right where all of these people are in the foyer of the American Adventure pavilion.  If you are interested, many photos of weddings taking place here can be found online through a quick search.  You could also have a reception near the Italy pavilion, in the Living Seas, at some resorts, and even in the Great Movie Ride!

My Fun Fact: My dream wedding would be at Walt Disney World so I should start saving now!


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Fun Fact Friday #15


Disney Fun Fact: Did you know you can purchase Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars outside of the parks? Some of the Disney resort stores offer them in the ice cream section. Conch Flats General Store at Old Key West definitely does and this is great because you can have a late night or early morning pre park ice cream bar. Just make sure to finish it before you get on a bus!

My Fun Fact: I once had a Mickey pop fall right off the stick as soon as I opened the package in Magic Kingdom. The cast member realized what had happened when I showed her the pieces and gave me a replacement right away. Disney ice cream magic at its finest!


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Fun Fact Friday #14


Disney Fact: Adventures by Disney offers tours to many different countries across the world including China, Ireland, and Egypt.  Adventures by Disney (ABD) also has tours in the states.  For 2015, ABD added two new trips: one to Tuscany, Italy and another to Spain.  Book the trips early because they do sell out!

My Fun Fact: I think it would be a really fun challenge and a lot of work to be an ABD tour guide.  In a few years I might consider learning more about the position and maybe even applying!


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Fun Fact Friday #13


Disney Fun Fact: Disneyland Paris has the only fireworks show that uses water, fire, projection on the castle, and fireworks at night.  The show is called Disney Dreams and is usually at 11pm.  We noticed during our trip that it didn’t get dark until around 10:30pm in France.  Disneyland Paris also has crepes as snacks at the food kiosks which is pretty cool.

My Fun Fact: I hope to study abroad in England and will hopefully make it back to Disneyland Paris then!


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Fun Fact Friday #12


Happy Halloween!

Disney Fun Fact: You have probably seen young girls dressed up as Princesses in WDW.  I don’t know how they survive the hot Florida heat in the summer with the huge dresses on.  But you rarely ever see anyone over the age of 9 dressed like a Princess.  Adults are NOT allowed to dress up as characters in the parks because someone might mistake them for the real characters.  There is one exception to this rule and that is if you go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, children and adults are allowed to dress up as whoever they would like (provided they don’t wear a mask and other details).

My Fun Fact: My favorite princess when I was younger was Belle and I even dressed up like her for Halloween one year.


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Fun Fact Friday #11


Disney Fact: Pocahontas used to have a show in Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World with live animals as some of the actors in the show.  A tree turned with the face of Grandmother Willow and different animals scampered across the stage during the show.  The show was around 20 minutes long but Pocahontas sang songs from the movie as well.

My Fun Fact: My sister and I participated in this show when we were very young by playing instruments at the beginning of the show in front of the stage to help start the show.  I think we still have the participation certificates somewhere from it too!  I remember waiting in line fairly early before the show time and one of the cast members asking if we wanted to help with the show and of course we did.

This is also a bit of a Flashback Friday post since the photo is from 2006 I think!


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